Which distribution of Linux should you use?

Today, there are many distributions of Linux to choose from. Picking one that is right for you can be straightforward as long as you know your needs, stable server environment, just a simple Linux client? The market leaders today are Ubuntu Linux, Red Hat and Fedora Linux, Mandriva Linux, and SuSE Linux, which offer reliability, flexibility, and user-friendliness. They are the most popular Linux distributions. If you want a simple and easy Linux desktop environment, you have: Mint, Xandros Linux, Linspire, and Ubunto, which are good for first-time users. Are you running critical server applications? Your best solutions are Red Hat and SuSE Linux. In the north of Europe, you will find that SuSE Linux has a large market share. We have chosen SuSE Linux because of its great history of stability (also in security). 

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