Why your company should use Open Source II?

I have listed my most important arguments for using Open Source:  

  • Deliver faster and better service for your customer
  • Controlling:
    • the business code
    • all the dependencies
  • Easier to:
    • share internally
    • improve quality for your company
  • Reduce amount of:
    • special knowledge needed internally
    • documentation needed
  • Free from:
    • the high cost
    • inflexible software
    • vendor lock-in risks of traditional enterprise software (read: reduce software cost)
  • Free to outsource:
    • Most outsourcing partners use open source
    • Easier for outsourcing partners to implement Open Source solutions.

Over the years, companies have experienced that open source software seems more stable and easier to check than closed code. Especially when we have technical problems, it is much easier to find and fix errors before they create problems for our customers. This argument has been more important than saving money on different software license programs.  

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