Which AI search engines is best to generate source code?

The “best” solution will heavily depend on several factors:

Complexity of the desired code: Simpler code generation tasks might be handled efficiently by some of the AI search engines like YOU.com or Bing AI, which offer functionalities like basic code snippets or summaries.

  • Programming language and framework specificity: Some solutions might specialize in specific languages or frameworks, making them more suitable for those contexts.
  • Desired level of user control: If you need precise control over the generated code, using traditional programming tools or frameworks might be preferable.

Bing AI and Google Search with Gemini are the best options. In most cases, you will only get suggestions or snippets. If you get a complete source, the code is not tested, which is a real weakness. The standard problem is the wrong library (version or name). A typical problem is library calls to old libraries. Hopefully, in the future, we will have AI solutions where the software is tested before being listed to the user.

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