Problems with license management?

In practice, open-source software is generally free or cheap to acquire, and the licensing regime is not onerous either to administer or to fund. Commercial software, by contrast, does not distribute its source code, and generally requires ongoing payments in respect of licensed software, which must be administered and calculated according to the terms of… Continue reading Problems with license management?

76% of our code is Open Source

Over a six-month period, we analyzed usage of open-source (code) by collecting data from 12–14 large development projects based on Java. We have extracted the following vital statistical data from these projects: The source code was deployed. Source code written in-house (including libraries). External open-source code (including libraries). External closed source code (including libraries). The result… Continue reading 76% of our code is Open Source

What about your toolbox?

For many companies doing development under Java, is Maven a success factor in the development process. Maven allows you to control external dependencies and gives us flexibility in terms of IDE, test frameworks, build-servers, environment, and deployment strategy. From statistical material, you will find that many Java/kotlin projects are based on other tools like: Linux/Open… Continue reading What about your toolbox?

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Why your company should use Open Source II?

I have listed my most important arguments for using Open Source:   Deliver faster and better service for your customer Controlling: the business code all the dependencies Easier to: share internally improve quality for your company Reduce amount of: special knowledge needed internally documentation needed Free from: the high cost inflexible software vendor lock-in risks… Continue reading Why your company should use Open Source II?

Important factors before choosing Open Source?

One important factor to consider before choosing Open Source components or applications is the activity around the product (homepage). It is vital that your development projects check the following: Does the product have an active developer base? Is there an active community around the product? Is the product backed by a company? Is the product… Continue reading Important factors before choosing Open Source?

Why you should use Open Source?

Open Source software is gaining more and more visibility and has, for many companies, been shown to have a low cost of ownership and a generally better level of security and interoperability. It offers a possible solution to some fundamental problems that have vexed commercial software like Microsoft Office, IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS), and… Continue reading Why you should use Open Source?

Open Source code is not only for idealists!

Today, we find the environment for open-source code is not only for idealists. A company that uses Open Source software can also purchase support to help them use the software more effectively.We see today a lot of wealth creation in connection with services based on open-source. For the different companies using open-source, we see better control, fewer… Continue reading Open Source code is not only for idealists!

osCommerce is a popular Open Source online shop

IT departments are already seeing the benefits of using a complete open-source application. The osCOMMERCE solution is an example of this. osCommerce is a popular open-source online shopping e-commerce solution with a dedicated, strong, and ever-growing community that is licensed under the GNU General Public License.With this software solution, you can choose Nets Netaxept (call… Continue reading osCommerce is a popular Open Source online shop