New Linux kernel 6.0

The latest Linux kernel is 6.0 and it brings an assortment of performance improvements, new hardware support, security fixes, and the usual grab-bag of file-system tweaks. This includes support for Intel’s fourth generation Xeon server chips “Sapphire Rapids”, and their 13th generation “Raptor Lake” core chips. AMD provides a kernel graphics driver for their RDNA 3 GPU, land a new audio driver for AMD ‘Raphael’ platforms and improve the audio support for AMD ‘Jadeite’ systems. Other features include ARM-related performance boosts, IO_uring improvements for Linux I/O Interface, new exFAT File System Driver, New debugfs interface, a new BPF iterator, a new set of BPF kfuncs, new BPF helpers for generating and checking SYN cookies, Concurrent computing, Inter-process communications, OS-level virtualization, Asymmetric multiprocessing and more.

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