Clojure the solution for immutable data?

Clojure is a good choice for building highly concurrent and distributed systems, as well as for applications that require a high degree of code reuse and flexibility. It is also a good choice for working with data-intensive applications, thanks to its support for immutable data structures and powerful concurrency primitives. Additionally, because it runs on the Java virtual machine (JVM), it allows you to leverage the vast ecosystem of Java libraries and tools.

One potential weakness of Clojure is that it is a relatively small and niche language, so it may have a smaller community and ecosystem compared to more established languages like Java and Python. This can make it harder to find libraries, resources, and support for working with Clojure. In Java and Kotlin libraries is made by committees and companies, whereas almost every library in Clojure is developed by a single person.

Additionally, because it is a dynamic, functional language, it can be more difficult to learn and use for developers who are used to working with object-oriented languages like Java and C++.

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